About Us

Clubhouse Athletics is a 6,000 square foot sports training facility conveniently located off Route 30 near the square in Abbottstown, PA. Our fully turfed facility houses four retractable batting cages, turf pitching mounds, interchangeable pitching machines for baseball and softball, a 2,000 sq ft performance gym area, an 80-foot sprint lane, an 8×8’ slam wall used for arm care and medicine ball training, and an accessible sports physical therapy area that offers post-operative care.

Our Performance Gym

Our performance gym offers grade strength and weightlifting equipment that includes power racks, adjustable benches, full racks of dumbbell and kettlebell sets, bumper and iron plates, Keiser front squat, cable pulldown/low row machine, 20kg Olympic barbells, hex bars, safety squat bar, cambered swiss bars, jammer arms, chains and bands, trueform treadmill, assult bike, plyometric boxes, med balls, and hurdles.

Our Metrics

We use the latest equipment most professional and college baseball and softball teams are using to monitor and guarantee our athletes are progressing and developing. We are a certified location with a Rapsodo 2.0 unit, a Blast Motion Sensor, a Pocket Radar, HitTrax, and Dashr Timing Gates. Read more about our baseball and softball metrics here.

Our performance gym also includes metrics equipment and tools that are used by our coaches to assess our athletes during strength and conditioning blocks. These assessments include Hawkins Dynamics Force Plates, Handheld Dynamometer, Speed Gates, a Tendo Unit, Gonioemetry, and Movement Screens. Read more about our sports performance metrics here.

Our Services

  • CAGE RENTALS: We have four retractable batting cages, turf pitching mounds, interchangeable pitching machines for baseball and softball, private L-screens, ball buckets, tees, and batters’ boxes. Learn More
  • FACILITY RENTALS Utilize our facility rentals and team packages to get the most out of your indoor practices. Learn More
  • PRIVATE LESSONS: Clubhouse Athletics offers private softball and private baseball lessons. We provide 30 minute and 60 minute lessons for hitting, pitching, fielding, and catching. Learn More.
  • MONTHLY MEMBERSHIPS: Join the club and save big as a member! We offer several membership packages to meet your demands as an athlete and provide you the chance to frequently train and practice in a professional setting. Learn More
  • PHYSICAL THERAPY AND SPORTS REHABILITATION: Due to the direct-access certification held by our physical therapists, clients or athletes can be treated without a doctor’s prescription or recommendation. By accelerating the evaluation and triage of the injury, this direct access helps athletes return to the game as soon as feasible while also saving the patient time. Learn More
  • STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING: From young beginners to elite and professional athletes, we work with people of all ages and activity levels. We offer strength and conditioning memberships where athletes 13+ can train 2x or 3x per week in a semi-private environment. Learn More.
  • RECOVERY SERVICES AND MODALITIES: We offer muscle recovery services which include instrumented assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM), full-length leg compression boots, cupping, dry-needling, blood-flow restriction training, and neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) that help speed up the healing of muscle tissue. Learn more about our rehabilitation services. Learn More


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