Strength & Conditioning Memberships

We offer sport-specific performance training and testing year round for female and male athletes of all sports, ages 12 +.

Train with a top professional in the field

Our facility’s Head Strength and Conditioning Coach and Sports Physical Therapist, Dr. Alex Gett, is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Registered Strength and Conditioning Coach (RSCC) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and a Level 1 Sports Performance Coach through USA Weightlifting (USAW-1). He has worked with a diverse range of elite professional and amateur athletes involved in Olympic sports, football, powerlifting, and Crossfit. Read more about Alex here.

What does a strength block look like?

We Offer Performance Memberships for Motivated Athletes

From young beginners to elite and professional athletes, we work with athletes of all activity levels. We offer sports performance memberships where athletes 13+ can train in a semi-private environment.

We train strength and conditioning, speed and agility, plyometrics, endurance training, strength training, and weightlifting, in small group classes to ensure our athletes receive our personal trainer’s undivided attention. Each athlete that trains with Clubhouse Athletics will receive an individualized program based on their sport, position, and goals, and undergo ongoing testing and training during our sports performance classes.

Expect to see results in your athletic performance

Do you want to run faster and jump higher?

Do you want to get bigger and stronger?

Are you injured and don’t know how to train to aid in injury-recovery?

Are you trying to decrease the risk of injury so that you do not sustain an injury?

Are you looking to reach maximum velocity in-season?

Do you need realistic expectations and an accurate training plan that incorporates plyometrics, power training, and maximal strength in the off season?

At Clubhouse Athletics, our strength training is unparalleled across the south central part of Pennsylvania. Our performance gym is equipped with cutting-edge tools that measure an athlete’s capabilities and determine their physical demands. This means that you will not train the same as your competitors. Instead, you will train based off of your physical needs and demands, making you stronger for your sport. In our facility, we are able to assess your capabilities as an athlete and prepare you for speed and strength training at your peak level.

New Cutting-Edge Sports Technology

Every athlete that trains with us undergoes strength testing and resistance testing. This is included as a crucial part of our performance memberships, eliminating the chance for injury while increasing athletic performance. Using these tests offers our trainers to assess an athlete’s capabilities, strength, and imbalance, offering insights that aid in rehabilitation and greater performance for our athletes. These assessments include:

Force Plate Testing

Force plates are used to determine the efficiency of our athletes, screening their posture, power, and positioning. These metrics provide a variety of athlete-specific information producing a picture of how an athlete moves, copes with pressures, and adapts to training and competition. These metrics help to detect and record accelerations, responses, and athlete imbalances.

Dynamomoter Testing

Dynamometer testing measures peak strength, rate of force development, and endurance for specific muscle groups. Dynamometer testing guides programming for strengthening the muscles of the hand, forearm, and adjacent areas. For example, hand grip strength is necessary for baseball, tennis, golf, hockey, swimming, tennis, climbing, and weightlifting. Therefore, gripping strength is crucial for performance.

Speed Gates

With sensors created to track and record your progress, you may practice speed and see how you compare. The timing gate offers a precise and trustworthy way to measure speed. The gates keep track of speed using infrared signal and detectors. Looking to get faster? These gates provide real-time sprinting velocities at different distance intervals.

Tendo Unit

A Tendo unit provides real-time barbell metrics during velocity-based strength training. An athlete’s performance is quantified by the Tendo Unit, which is configured to notify when the athlete when a new maximum has been reached, ensuring that they progress as much as possible during each training session.


A goniometer is used to measure the range of motion in each direction, giving a thorough evaluation of a joint’s range of motion. This test’s objectives include measuring a joint’s flexibility, examining the joint’s range of motion, and measuring the length of the muscles in the upper and lower extremities, the spine, and the temporomandibular joints. The purpose of this test is to evaluate a joint’s flexibility.

Movement Screen

A movement screen, also known as a functional movement screen (FMS), allows for the analysis of movement patterns and the identification of both stability and mobility limitations. It determines how effectively the body adapts to routine motions and assesses the danger of harm from erratic movements. Movement screening is often performed pre-season alongside other strength tests for the purpose of preventing injury.

Clubhouse Performance Gym

Our Training Equipment

Clubhouse Performance offers grade strength and weightlifting equipment that includes:

  • Power Racks
  • Adjustable Benches
  • Full Racks of Dumbbell and Kettlebell Sets
  • Bumper and Iron Plates
  • Keiser Front Squat
  • Cable Pulldown/Low Row Machine
  • 20kg Olympic Barbells/Hex Bars/ Safety Squat Bar/Cambered Swiss Bars
  • Jammer Arms
  • Chains and Bands
  • Glute Ham Developer
  • Trueform Treadmill
  • Assault Bike
  • Plyometric Boxes
  • Med Balls
  • Hurdles

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